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Collette Cousins


I am an experienced mindfulness coach, accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teacher and Integrative Arts Therapist. who has been meditating for many years. 

I have a regular practice of mindfulness, mindful movement and yoga.


In our over busy 24/7 lives, I aim to bring awareness to the benefits of slow living and self compassion, enabling us all to find the breathing space which will help us to lead more contented and fulfilled lives. I specialise in Mindfulness for stress, pain and illness.

I am also a qualified Integrative Arts Therapist, working mainly with young people, parents and school staff.  I work with a wide range of young people and have extensive experience of special needs. Previous to this I worked for many years as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, in private practice.

I run regular  workshops, courses and retreats in the Surrey Hills,

   Mindfulness for Health - living with pain and illness.

   Mindfulness for Stress.

   MiSP .b training for pupils in school or other organisations (eg youth group, Scouts/Guides) age    11-18+

 1:1 mindfulness training which can be tailored to suit.

 1:1 Counselling sessions for young people, parents and teachers.


I am a registered member of BACP and a Member of the West Surrey Mindfulness Teacher Network. and MiSP teacher network and adhere to the Good Practice Guidance of the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teachers, and the Breathworks code of conduct.


"Fabulous Teacher - very knowledgable''

Past participant

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