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Self belief coaching

Invest in your young person - invest in yourself


Are you or your teenager going through a transitional phase in your life?  Perhaps they are moving on to college or university and feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you are dealing with the empty nest and finding you now have time to plan the next project, change career or bring your business idea to life.

All of these things can bring out the inner critic, that little voice in your head that tells you its' too difficult, the time is not right, no one will like you or your ideas or maybe you are feeling not good enough, not qualified enough. Is your teenager is full of self doubt moving to the next stage of education, wondering if they will be able to fit in and make new friends, or rise to the challenge of the course?

By looking at our self doubt, we will use evidence based tools and approaches to begin to unpick and understand the reason for resistant behaviors that can hold us back (procrastination,perfectionism, people pleasing etc). As a self-belief coach, I work closely with clients on a 1:1 basis online to help unfurl their true potential and overcome obstacles that are keeping them from reaching their goals.

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