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What people are saying

A fantastic introduction to mindfulness, Collette responded well to the different moods of the weeks. 

This course was brilliant. I have given myself permission to care for myself. Collette is kind, perceptive, understanding and calm.

Collette is full of grace and calmness, she answers and teaches with honesty and kindness.

Mindfulness practice really does work. 

Collette was well prepared, knowledgeable and empathetic - I would highly recommend her. 

Collette is an excellent compassionate and understanding teacher. Her example of acceptance in all sessions, helped me to accept - without guilt- myself more easily.

A life lesson that is common sense but in living I have forgotten 'how to smell the coffee". This has been a very productive and profound experience. led by a careful, considerate, non-judgemental teacher. 

I have a much greater awareness of self and the need for self care. The small practices - mindful breaks etc - are helpful to manage stress during the day.  Collette is excellent. Knowledgable, engaging, and very calm. She brought the group together really well.

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