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Enough now winter!

It's the last day of February and I'm sitting at the table with sun streaming through the window gently warming my back. If you look out the window it seems like a beautiful spring day, blue skies, the odd fluffy cloud and full sun. However, we must never judge a book by its cover - step outside and it's bitterly cold with temperatures in the minus figures with added wind chill. It's the first day of March tomorrow and yet we are forecast one of the coldest snow days for years - and in the south of England, that's pretty unusual.

Winter is a time for drawing in, hunkering down, looking after ourselves, It's a time of casseroles and stews, open fires and a good Netflix series or two. We are essentially reserving our energy and making sure that we are ready to emerge in spring, awake to our senses, with renewed energy to take us through the trials and celebrations of the next few seasons. The only thing is, this season has dragged on a little too long. It's the first of March tomorrow and despite a bowl of daffodils sitting perkily on the table, I find myself still in winter clothes, blankets on the sofas, fire prepped ready to light at a moments notice and tempted to have an afternoon nap at the first opportunity! But if I pay attention long enough, I can feel a stirring deep inside, a need to sweep clean, to get rid of the winter candles, to put away the coats and boots and emerge from this slumber. I want to plan, to look ahead to the spring and summer months feeling renewed and strong. For now though, I will embrace the snow when it arrives, and make good use of the blankets, just for another few days! Hot toddy anyone?

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